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Reduce produce spoilage with MistWise produce misting systems.

The MistWise line of produce misting, humidity control and related equipment for supermarkets is the most operational cost-saving equipment available.

  • Extend Product Shelf Life
  • Increase Sales
  • Automatic Misting
  • Reduce Operational Costs
  • Minimize Maintenance Costs

MistWise Series Reverse Osmosis Filtration

Mistwise Series Reverse Osmosis provides clean mineral free, RO filtered water to produce misting systems and other devices to reduce scale build-up on mirrors and cases – thus, reducing service & Maintenance costs which in turn creates dramatic savings in operational costs

  • Reduces Scale Build up on Cases and Mirrors
  • Delivers purified water to products
  • Reduced water usage compared to other RO’s
  • Minimal maintenance costs

Meat, Seafood, Deli, and Floral Humidity Systems

KES offers a complete line of high quality humidity systems to help maintain product integrity in refrigerated warehouses, storage rooms, ripening rooms and service display cases. We pay special attention to the optimum relative humidity requirements for different perishable categories. Reducing dehydration means reducing shrink.

  • Reduce shrink by Doubling the Shelf Life!
  • Longer Shelf Life Means More Profits!
  • Return on Investment average 12 weeks!

Service Case Humidity

Reducing moisture loss means reducing weight loss and that provides fresher, more appealing products. The results are higher profits from meat, seafood and deli departments.

Cold Storage Humidity

The patented, ultra-fine vapor emission creates optimum relative humidity levels without soaking produce or flowers and without wetting floors or walls. The result is longer lasting, healthy products.

Automatic Outdoor Watering Systems

KES Automatic Outdoor Watering Systems eliminate labor hours currently being used manually watering outdoor plants. By providing consistent and thorough watering to outdoor merchandising areas, they reduce the amount of plants that are thrown away from lack of water.

  • Stop Hand Watering Outdoor Plants
  • Reduce shrink by 40% or more!
  • Plants last longer and sell better
  • Labor Savings + Shrink Reduction = Fast ROI


STOP ethylene gas and mold damage to your fresh produce and floral items.

NASA developed air sanitation technology can be used for produce, floral, or cheese walk-in coolers, distribution centers, or transportation.

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